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Data Cabling & punch down

Data Cabling & punch down

It sometimes seems as if wires and cords are taking over, at both home and office nowadays. This may cause to look a little messy, from the plugs to power our important devices to the assisting cords for internet access.

That is where Mr. Power Guy comes in! If you are having trouble with extensions, cable line, telephone line or network cabling for computers, Mr. Power Guy can help. Our professional Technicians can assist you with any data related hardware wiring systems, including telephone and internet lines, patch panels, cable racks and everything in between.

When you are rearranging the rooms in your home and simply move things around or even setting up a new office, you will probably need a data line, a new phone jack or altered wiring and we would be happy to help. Prior to relocating, our qualified technicians can organize the cords to ensure proper reinstallation. This will prevent you from making errors during the moving process and can be extremely helpful in getting your business up and running when on the move.

Our team of technicians are all professionally trained and extensively experienced. We will never sacrifice quality workmanship for speed. Mr. Power Guy will make sure it's done perfectly and in a timely manner.

Get your electrical service & maintenance done right.

We are certified master electrician with over 30 years experience operating business dedicated to quality and excellence in providing electrical service and maintenance.

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