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Electrical Service, Installation, Inspections & Reporting

Electrical Service, Installation, Inspections & Reporting

Electricity is perhaps the most vital resource we have in today's modern society. Its importance keeps growing wherein performing daily tasks without it, is not even an option.

Mr. Power Guy knows the hassle whenever eletrical problems show. We provide a full range of electrical services from complete rewiring to installing any electrical fixtures. We also conduct a variety of electrical tests and a routine safety inspection. At the same time, meet all standard electrical codes and secure proper permits depending on what is recommended.

The electricians on our team are professionally trained licensed professionals. We can guarantee that you will receive a top quality service and workmanship at every job. Rest assured that each project will be completed on time whilst always incorporating high level of safety. Certainly, no matter how simple or complex it is, Mr. Power Guy will be there for you to give you fast service and take care of any electrical problem.

Get your electrical service & maintenance done right.

We are certified master electrician with over 30 years experience operating business dedicated to quality and excellence in providing electrical service and maintenance.

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