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Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices

Electrical power surges happen quiet frequently than what most people think. Power surge is typically caused by lightning or may be a result of electrical power lines experiencing malfunction. And do you know a power surge can damage your multiple electronic gadgets and appliances in a few minutes? You should be able to protect your greatest investments from this element. Fortunately, a Surge Protection Device (SPD) can be your solution.

Look no further because Mr. Power Guy is happy to help you in protecting your home or business from power surges to your electrical system. Mr. Power Guy offers SPD installation and service for your convenience. We have skilled and licensed technicians to do the process. And be assured of quality and safety because we value customer satisfaction.

Get your electrical service & maintenance done right.

We are certified master electrician with over 30 years experience operating business dedicated to quality and excellence in providing electrical service and maintenance.

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